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Premaloka Treacy

Namaste, my name is Premaloka. I am the head teacher at Prema, at the heart of yoga. Yoga has been a big part of my life since childhood, having been introduced to it by my parents and aunt at a very young age. I live a life in yoga, and now my 6 children are also experiencing the many benefits of this path. I have created this beautiful heart-based, intuitive yoga fusion, from love. As a human being and Yogi, I would love to help you discover your truth, to help you manifest and live the best life you could possibly
live. Yoga is a lifestyle and a science. It creates union and harmony in the being, promotes optimal physical and mental health and helps the practitioner to live a life that resonates with love and awareness. This discovery leads to sustained happiness. I invite you with a full and open heart to come and experience the yoga that I offer. 

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Sandra Otto

Sandra (Jayahnia) lives on Waiheke and brings light to individual people but also into the corporate world. Apart from an MBA, she holds a Diploma of Health (Yoga), has done 25 years of personal development and 10 years of spiritual studies with the Divine University.

Sandra has developed strong intuitive skills to support people, projects and placesto operate from a higher level of consciousness. In her professional life she is a facilitator of learning, innovation and transformation for individuals and teams.

She believes that at this time we need to awaken and strengthen the inner goddess, the divine healthy feminine in our lives and worlds, in order to re-create balance. Women together in sisterhood can take a powerful step in that direction.

A skilled yoga teacher guiding students through a calming session.

Eileen Glover

Eileen is a Graduate of RMIT Melbourne. She is passionate about Osteopathy and has spent many years inspiring students in her role as an internationally respected Osteopathic Educator and Examiner alongside running her busy island practice. In her broad experience she has worked closely with everyone from sports professionals to newborn babies. She has a special interest in assisting people to maintain their health and flexibility as they age. This is one of the reasons she was drawn to
become a yoga teacher.

Eileen enjoys the island life and motherhood to the full – she loves improv, kayaking and food as medicine.