Our Story

From a family adventure in India, Ritual was born

Welcome to our family

As a family, we have often been asked what our secret to happiness is, and the one idea that we keep coming back to is our Rituals. We know that Rituals bring moments of joy to our lives and we know that the sum total of all these moments of joy combined, add up to sustained happiness. In March 2017, we packed up our family home and went on an overseas adventure, determined to show our children more of the beautiful world around us and to make space for more family Rituals. It was on this journey that the idea for a healing space founded on the concept of Rituals was born.

From New Zealand to India, from India to Ireland, from Ireland to Italy and Vietnam

We roamed through countries that were completely culturally contrasting to what we had experienced in New Zealand. And yet, through the immense poverty, crowds and heat of India and the streets of Italy and Ireland,
alive with music, through to the bustling night markets of Vietnam, we kept seeing one thing that we recognised as a family – the art of
Rituals and the happiness they brought to those who practiced them. We soon realised we had to share the art of Rituals with everyone back home, and thus Ritual was born.

The adventure continues

On returning home to New Zealand, we sold our family home and relocated our 8-person family to a 90m2 house on commercially-zoned property on Waiheke Island. Here, we began building a space in which to share the gift of Rituals. The premise will combine healing yoga with nutritious and delicious vegan and vegetarian food and gifts to nourish the soul. All of this is based on taking a pause to create your own Rituals. 

After nearly 4 years from the birth of the idea, we are beyond excited to be opening Ritual in mid-2021.