“Rituals bring us moments of Joy” — Premaloka

Located in the heart of Waiheke Island Soul food, Yoga and the gift of Ritual

Yoga, Retreats, Workshops and Teacher Trainings.

Traditional, ancient, Hatha yoga traditions offered from a deeply authentic space.

Strengthening and awakening asana, transformative pranayama and meditation.

Deeply healing yoga nidra, mantra and nada yoga.

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  • “Inspiring yoga and mediations, never experienced another teach like her. She’s incredible.” – Bex Sullivan 
  • “Thank you Premaloka yoga for the most amazing journey into the heart, mind and soul of what yoga can do for us.” – Kirsten Simmons 
  • “Yoga with Premaloka, for me, is a deeply moving spiritual practice that has and continues to add so much value to my life. I am so happy to have discovered this type of yoga. It has only been in this particular yoga class that I’ve fully started to understand the extreme potential of yoga in the creation of a better world. Thanks Premaloka, for you and all that you do!” – Anna Dawson 
  • “Prem’s food truly does nourish the mind, body and soul. She puts her heart into each of her beautiful creations and ensures that her vegetarian/vegan food is not only delicious, but also good for you! I can’t recommend her incredible food, yoga and retreats more!” – Uisce-Lily Treacy-Bond
  • “After much deliberation I am so grateful I made the decision to attend Prem’s retreat to India. I don’t say this lightly, I believe it was life changing for me. Prem is so India savvy that I felt held and confident to relax and let the yoga do its work and envelop all that is the awakened heart yoga that Prem delivers with such grace and authenticity. Along with experiencing such a vibrant country of contrasts in her safe hands. If it’s not already obvious I’d highly recommend retreating on an awakened heart retreat with the truly beautiful Premaloka. I’m forever grateful and know I will be back for more.” – Sarah Flashman

Nourish your body with soul food from our vegetarian/vegan café

Ritual is a yoga studio, vegan/vegetarian café and retail space, promoting everyday life as a series of rituals that will bring joy and sustained happiness into your life.

Rituals are about taking the time to honour and celebrate ourselves and our lives. It is our wish for everyone that as they walk through the doors of this space, they feel honoured and that life slows down enough that they remember the simple pleasures. 

Explore our Ritual-based product lines, designed to nurture the mind, body and soul

Our products are ethically made and good for the environment, enhancing happiness and health. Our food contains healing ingredients with an Ayurvedic thread through the menu, which we believe to be unique, certainly on Waiheke.

We created this business because we saw how the importance of ritual had increased the happiness in our family. So much joy is felt and spread through the many rituals incorporated in our day-to-day lives.

Now, we want to share with you how simple it is to turn a habit, pattern or tradition into a ritual.

Our soul intention is that Ritual will help reduce stress and anxiety, bring mindfulness into people’s lives and improve their well-being.

Opening soon in mid-2021. 


24 Belgium St

Ostend, Waiheke Island






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