We are excited to be opening mid 2021.

Ritual’s shop – coming soon

Watch this space, some Rituals come in a bottle....#ritual #theartofhappiness#ritualnz#happiness #joyfulmoments#makingtheeverydayordinaryextraordinary

We are passionate about rituals, because we know they bring moments of joy to our lives. the sum total of these Joyful moments add up to sustained happiness.

Rituals are practices that we do regularly and find enjoyable. Unfortunately. most of us practice them ‘unmindfully’ and therefore we miss the joy that these rituals can bring us.

With this in mind, we have designed a whole range of products to enrich your daily life through nourishing rituals.

Ritual Waiheke Island presents a range of organic natural products that encourage you to pause and realise that everyday habits can become rituals, creating joyful moments in your day.

Our oils, butters and balms are infused with essential oils to delight your senses. Our candles, incense and soaps will transform your ritual around bathing and self-care. These are only a few of our products designed to transform the everyday ordinary into the extraordinary.

We are excited to be opening our online store here soon. Watch this space!