Ritual Body Balm


These body balms are lovingly blended using the finest mix of pure and organic essential oils, oils and balms.

We offer you these 4 body balm blends:

Nourish – with top notes of Rose Geranium and Lavender

Everything – with top notes of Rose Geranium and Neroli

Sun-blessed – with top notes of Jasmine and Bergamot

Soothe – with top notes of Lavender and Vetiver

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The Ritual behind the practice of body balming dates back to places throughout India and Africa as a way of nourishing the body with affordable and accessible ingredients like olive oil and beeswax. These concoctions would be lathered onto the body in the morning and left to soak in throughout the day. Body balming should be practiced in the morning after showering and cleansing, and should be given time to fully absorb into the body, before starting any physical activities that might produce sweat, for the balm to have full effect.

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Nourish, Everything, Sun-blessed, Soothe


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