We are excited to be opening mid 2021.

Ritual’s menu.

“I look at how food can heal, be delicious and a visual delight. I cook from my soul, with love.”

— Premaloka

Cooking is a ritual for me. I stir, chop and pour love into what I create and hope that you can taste it. Food can be a medicine when you create it with love and use life-enhancing ingredients. You can taste the love in our food. We honour you and your body as a temple for your soul. Our food contains healing ingredients with an Ayurvedic thread through the menu. We want to nourish you with food that will make your taste buds sing, your body strong and your eyes shine.

“Ritual’s food is exquisite. You can taste the ‘aroha’ in every bite. It’s not only healthy but delicious. It’s what cravings are made of.”

— Fiona Gallacher